Why Today’s Young Men Can’t Stop Chasing Cougars

TV shows like Cougar Town have brought younger men dating older women out to the forefront a bit more. Have you noticed how many men out there are dating older women? What is the attraction? Maybe it’s money or experience. Here’s the main reasons young men just can’t help but chase Cougars.

Older Women Have More Experience
Some men want to settle down and will turn to older women for that. The cougar already has experience in the dating world, and will know what she likes and doesn’t like. Younger men can feel like they won’t be taken through a guessing game, potentially hurt when the women decide he isn’t her cup of tea.

Older women also have experience in the bedroom, in the house and even with money. It makes life more exciting but stable at the same time.

Older Women Have Confidence
As well as knowing what they want, older women have more confidence. Dating older women is sexier because the woman is more likely to stand up for herself and be willing to be independent now and then. There’s no clinginess or desperation.

The independence allows men to go to work or go out with friends without wondering what their girlfriend is up to; whether she is worrying about his antics. There are no constant phone calls asking when he will get home. When a man is being called, he knows he is in the wrong for a very good reason!

There are many reasons for younger men dating older women now. Experience and confidence are certainly the two main reasons. Money doesn’t even need to come into the equation. There is something sexy about dating older women.

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