Why Age Has Nothing to Do With Love

Have you ever heard the phrases “he’s too young for you” or “she’s way too old for you?” There are so many thoughts about age and love, but the two don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand. Older women dating younger men  is becoming more popular, and there are various reasons why. Here’s a look at three of them, and why age doesn’t affect love.

Love Is Free of Everything

There’s a saying that money can’t buy you love, and that’s the case with age, too. Love is free from everything and older women dating men who are younger than them is perfectly acceptable. All that matters is that you both care for each other and make each other happy.

Society may look down on you, but who cares? Soon it will become the norm to not even question age between men and women. Be part of the crowd that pushes for love without boundaries.

Love Isn’t Just About Attraction

Sexual or physical attraction isn’t the basis of love. It may help people connect, but it doesn’t just end there. In fact, once the initial attraction is gone, people find they fall out of love.

Older women dating younger men may find that the physical attraction isn’t the thing that makes them fall in love. It’s all about personality and the bond created by two people.

Love has no boundaries, and certainly not age. There isn’t a connection between the two. This is just something that society has decided and has become the norm. Older women dating men who are younger than them is starting to become a bigger thing. It’s time to become part of that, and get rid of those boundaries holding you back.

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