Tips for Sugar Mommas: How to Make a Profile Get More Attention

Sugar Mommas dating younger men has been taking place since the beginning of time. For still vibrant women, it’s an opportunity to share time, life and laughter with young, dynamic men. To help sugar mommas make connections easier, the OlderWomenDating Team at has released its top tips for cougar dating.

Creating a profile that demands attention isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Sugar Mommas need to keep in mind that it’s the first interaction that they’ll have with others. It’s the first impression men will have, there’s a lot of female competition, and standing out is imperative.

One of the most important features of a profile is the photo. Never use a selfie and always have someone else take the image. The cougar should be well dressed and remember that bright colors will attract the male eye. It’s a good idea to take two photos – one should be a face only shot and the other a full body picture. Don’t include friends or pets in the photo and don’t show too much skin in mature dating.

Cougar dating also relies upon submitting a winning profile. Don’t underestimate the power of adjectives such as confident, funny, honest, intelligent, and of course, sexy. Sugar mommas also need to let men know about their favorite activities, whether it’s traveling, trying new restaurants, swimming or skydiving. Even if the cougar likes many of the same things as other women, try phrasing those likes in a unique way.

Sugar mommas shouldn’t forget to spell out the qualities they’re seeking in a younger man. That can be honesty, a sense of humor, open-mindedness, and a willingness to try new things. Above all, make sure that the men viewing the profile understand the value of being discreet and keeping their own counsel.

The overall tone of the profile and photo should demonstrate the woman’s mature and loving nature. A smiling face will garner far more interest than a serious demeanor. Younger men are looking for someone to share good times with, not a “Debby Downer.”

Creating a Sugar Mommas profile doesn’t have to be difficult if the woman remembers that younger men looking for a sugar momma want a mature, confident and fun-loving individual. All that information can be conveyed via the photo and profile information. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to tweak the profile over time to make it more interesting and dynamic.

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