If You Don’t Dating Cougar–You will Never Know Just How Good It will Make You Fell

Today, young men seem to prefer cougars. I have experienced this relationship by myself of almost two years.The only one that was embarrassed was me at times.I never thought of going out with a young boy  who was younger 15 than me.My oldest daughter and him were two years apart. I must say it was a real relationship ups and downs. I knew it couldn’t be serious forever because of the fact he had unfinished business with his previous girlfriend baby momma type thing.

But, let me say that he taught me a lot about myself. He taught me that life is too short do everything you have ever thought of doing and couldn’t see yourself doing! He had me put away all and every inhibitions I ever carried. My weight, my looks, my sexual escapades . All of those things that I feared so much he taught me that I’m as sexy as I want to be all the curves were welcomed.

Quit thinking I had to take the back seat to the younger thinner versions of myself and be perfectly secure with what I was and what I looked like. He never hesitated to hold my hand through a crowd hug kiss and slow dance with me a concerts at parties or in the bar. I loved that about him. He taught me so much about myself that I will never forget him. He was a shiny star at a time I needed a cheerleader . My divorce had me in a tailspin. Today I feel great look great and owe it all to the young stud who set my soul free!

So my advise is if you find the right man regardless to his age if you two have things in common and you really enjoy his company and he yours go with it. You will never know just how good it will make you feel!

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